About TimeLapsePros

  • Company Roots

    TimeLapsePros.net is owned by Skellen Software LLC and was started by Kevin Sauerwald in 2010. We provide web services, video services and lots of other things for business and personal websites. The timelapse services started like most companies as a hobby with a PC and web camera. Now we can offer simple HD website video, amazing 4k videos and eveything inbetween.

  • Uses for Time Lapse Video

    TimeLapse video is especially good for showing lengthy projects or processes in a fraction of the time. Construction projects are perfect for this type of video. It can also be used for various nature projects or events with crowd of people. Here are a few uses for TimeLapse video

    House Construction
    Roofing Project
    Siding Project
    Crowd Events
    Traffic Patterns
    Sun Rises
    Tree Work
    Pool Construction
    Deck Building
    Plant Growth
    Fall Foliage Change
    Snow fall
    Erosion/Flood Monitoring
    Sun/Shade Tracking
    Captivating Company exterior shots
         The list is endless....