Our Process

  • Gather Info

    Meet the client, find out more about the project.
    - Get start and tentative end dates.
    - Get quality requirements ( web content vs presentation quality)
    - Get final video requirements ( uneditied or final produced video)
    Check the location, get lighting and sun movement.
    Check for possible camera locations

    Camera Selection

    Based on the info gathering decide which camera will provide the quality you need based on
    project expected length

    Present Options and pricing

    Give client options for shoot based on quality and quantity of cameras


    Work with contractor or client to select final camera positions
    Setup cameras
    Begin time lapse shooting

  • New Construction Example

    2 Camera Shoot

    Our standard process would be to position cameras where the action will be, so we would place either two cameras on opposite ends of the house or move one camera to where the action is occuring. Depending on the construction schedule we can leave cameras outside or move one inside to capture interior framing, drywalling and finishing. Cameras can capture long term tasks and short ones as needed. After all the footage is completed we can edit together into varying lenghts of final video depending on clients wishes.